Mantra, Mudra and Myth

  • 🟡 Do you want to teach children more than just the yoga poses?
  • 🟡 Are you looking for ways to explore different styles of meditation with your children?
  • 🟡 Do you find it difficult to get children to sit still and concentrate during Meditation practices?
  • 🟡 Are you attracted to the more spiritual and devotional side of Yoga?
  • 🟡 Are you a parent, teacher, aunty, uncle, yoga teacher, trainee or are you just looking for a morning of joy, connecting to your inner child?!

Join Jane from the Wellbeing Bees for this training workshop exploring ways to share Mantra Meditation, Mudra and Mythology with children.

Inspired by the brave story of Hanuman, we will explore Asana, Pranayama, Mantra Meditation and Mudra with a variety of activities aimed at different age groups from 4-16.

Instill devotion, faith and courage into the lives of your children or the children you work with, whilst teaching them valuable meditation and wellbeing practices.