Yoga for Teens & Young People

Yoga, Breathing exercises and Meditation for Teens/Young people aged 10-16.

This course is for

  • Teachers looking for some yoga exercises to do with your students

  • Students wanting to practice yoga at home

  • Parents wishing to do some yoga with their children

Consisting of 3 series:

  • Energise- Practices to wake up the body and focus the mind. Perfect exercises to do at the start of the day or after a school break.

  • Self- Esteem- Practices to build confidence, self love and self acceptance. Perfect when we're feeling a bit low and we've forgotten who we are.

  • Calm- Practices to relax the body and calm the mind. Perfect for the end of the day or to relieve stress and anxiety.

Each series contains 2/3 videos to help bring balance to the physical, mental and emotional body whilst having a bit of fun through a range of yoga poses, breathing exercise, movement work and meditation.

Perfect for Teachers in the classroom, parents or for young people to use on their own at home.

Example Curriculum

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  Self Esteem
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Yoga for Teens