The Chakras

Are you looking to share a deeper meaning of yoga to your children or your students?

Do you want to find ways to help your children find stability, feel safe, express emotions healthily, gain confidence and willpower, learn self love?

Would you like the next generation to have the tools to express themselves freely, improve creativity and imagination and learn to feel supported by the universe?

Do you want to teach your children/students MORE THAN JUST THE SHAPES!

The chakras are the 7 energy centre within our body; wheels of life force energy that sit along the spine. We can not see them, or feel them; we can only sense them.

As we work with the chakras; noticing blockages, areas of deficient or excessive energy, we can learn to bring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance to our internal and external worlds. Using the 8 limbs of yoga, movement, colours, essential oils, mantra, affirmations and daily rituals we can allow the energy to flow freely through the energy system, creating harmony, connection and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Join the Wellbeing Bees as we explore these energy centres within us and learn how to share these valuable insights with our children or students.

☆We are not just our physical body, we are also the energy within.☆

When we teach children yoga, we are not just teaching them the shapes, we are teaching them about their body, their mind, their spirit and their energy.

In this training course you will recieve:

  • Training Workshop
  • PDF Chakra Book
  • Mudra Chakra Sequence

With Lead Trainer and Found of the Wellbeing Bees-

Jane Cradick

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