Welcome to our Online Yoga & Wellbeing School

This school is for children, young people, yogis, parents, teachers and anyone wishing to connect to their inner child and find some joy through the transformative power of Yoga and Meditation.  

We believe in creating a life that is filled with Joy!

We believe in exploring, learning and developing through play and creativity, 

In realising the magnitude of our own being and becoming peaceful, brave, kind, compassionate yogis. 

We believe yoga is not just about performing poses, but cultivating love and mindfulness within each area of our lives. 

Whilst learning tools to handle the challenges we may experience in life, with grace and resilience.

Inspiring children (and adults!) to believe in themselves and the magic within.

The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. It is our aim to create a community of young yogis and yoga teachers that believe in their worth and spread the light of their being, allowing others to do the same.

''Jane taught yoga to both of my teenage children and they loved it. It helped them deal with the day to day stresses of teenage life. Not only is she calm and gentle, but she is fun and young people connect with her. Wish we were still close enough to attend her classes.''

Helen- Parent and Teaching Assistant

"Jane is such a wonderful and inspiring teacher and person. Her love, passion and enthusiasm for yoga comes through so strongly.

I was only able to do half the course in person so did extra coursework which was very well thought through and I feel confident teaching theses aspects.

If you’re thinking about doing the course BOOK NOW!! It was such a brilliant experience - I learnt so much not just for kids yoga, but for personal practice and teaching adults."

Saffy- Wellbeing Bees Yoga teacher graduate